Standard Website Package

Unlimited emails - Custom URL - 5 Pages - 12 Themes

Standard Package

WanaWebpage’s Standard Webpage Package will suit most small businesses and personal websites. Choose from 12 premium templates each customised (logos, colours) to your personal needs and the needs of your business.

The WanaWebpage process

After first contact we will discuss your business particulars and draft a plan outlining recommendations based on this information. Once  approved we will proceed with webpage setup which includes.

  • Create a custom domain of your choosing.
  • Setup hosting on a 99.9% Guaranteed up-time server.
  • Install WordPress CMS software.
  • Install theme and customise with company logo / colors
  • Setup website for viewing before “live”
  • Secure the site, add caching and SEO packages.
  • Setup email accounts as needed.
  • Submit site for final approval.
  • Handover and supply all website details
  • Supply WordPress documentation etc..
  Storage Space   5GB of data storage
  Monthly Bandwidth
  500GB of data transfer per month
  Email Accounts   Unlimited email accounts
  CDN   Cloudfare CDN to speed up website access
  Domain Name   Choose your own domain name .com/.au
  Access Types   WordPress Backend / FTP / CPanel / SQL
  Security   WordPress secured / Backup system
  Styling   Choose from one of our 12 premium WordPress themes
  Structure   Maximum of 5 Pages (e.g Home, About, Service)
  Ongoing costs   Ongoing hosting and domain fee of Approx $90 per year
  SEO   Standard Search engine optimisation
  Mobile Site   Website responsive to mobiles and tablets devices

Step 1 Domain Name

Choose a Domain Name for your site, this is what users type to reach your page.

Step 2 Design

Using your company details we will design a site for you incorporating your logo, colors and style.

Step 3 Live site

Once you have approved your new site it will go live and be ready to use. Start posting blogs, adding images or additional pages easily.

Easy to use and manage

The Standard package is built on the WordPress platform. WordPress is a content management system that makes it easy to edit and change your website, when and where you want. See the image to the right for front-end and back-end access.

All of our templates are responsive to mobile devices and tablets to give our viewers the best experience whatever device they use.


Wanawebpage Standard Package

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Choose From 12 Premium ThemesEach theme can be customised

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